HY Artainer

Seoul, S.Korea
Installation work to celebrate 70th anniversary of the Hanyang Univ
Site area : 1 Shipping Container, 3m x 6m x 3.2m
Tutor : Soon-gak Jang(Jay is working), Beom-soo Park, Kyoung-doo An(Design beyond),
Client : Hanyang University
Team : HYID 2009

To celebrate 70th year for opening of Hanyang University, the exhibition opened during 11th to 18th May at Seoul campus of Hanyang University. Artainer is a compound word for ‘art’ and ‘container’. It indicated the container being transformed to the exhibition space with aesthetic sense.
The expressions of 4 themes –I inside Hanyang, Communication, Hope and future- under the subject ‘finding Hanyang’ were realized into 4 each containers. As that huge containers located in campus, it simulated one’s curiosity who were passing by. This exhibition did a role to warm the university campus festival up as well.