Non-Human Agency

Hackney wick , London,UK
Site area : 8,327 m2
MA Royal College of Art 2012/2013
Architecture ADS5_Urban Metabolism,Distinction
Tutors : Jon Goodbun, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui and Justin Lau

This project, Non-human agency, explores the potential of various near future smart materials, some of which might be 'grown' out of the complex material geology of post-industrial area Hackney Wick.
The semi-living research interface will harvest a new natural-polymer – tested here in real living prototypes – generating a new and valuable resource for the local community of post-industrial makers. Further research will explore hybrids of new smart materials and materials from existing local buildings and landscape. This bottom up approach questions traditional notions of architectural production as solely 'building', instead explores emerging ecologies of 'growing' as a new hybrid architectural language.