N4 Waterside

Design: Changyeob Lee
Area : 45m²
Year : 2021
Program : Residence Sector
Woodwork: TJ Access LTD
Electrician: AJS Electrical
City : London
Country :UK

This project is located adjacent to the spectacular natural surroundings of two existing reservoirs and Finsbury Park. The sute was 45sqm small size one bed-room, but embracing panoramic view of natural environment with abundant wildlife. The design focused on re-sensulizing the existing condition through distillation of minimalistic aesthetics that can facilitate welling and rest of mind, and as a little gem of place for a single or coupled household in North London. The design maintained the existing layout, but with a tailored selection of contemporary fittings and finish to interplay with natural lights come in through south west facing balcony. The construction took four weeks, including demolition, installation, and finishing touches.