HYU Studio 601

Design: Changyeob Lee + Studio ReBD
Area : 120
Year : 2023
Contractor : 3.3058
Material Consultant : Concseoul
Design Team : Changyeob Lee, Sumin Kim, Yewon Kim, Byunghoon Yu
Client : Hanyang University IC-PBL
Program : Education Sector
City : Seoul
Country : S.Korea

Studio 601 is a place for gathering ideas , sharing knowledge, encouraging communication and tackling great problems through design solutions. This is our response to a brief on designing a future learning space for problem-based learning (PBL), breaking away from the one-way knowledge transfer approach to education common in the past.

We intend neither to predict how future learning spaces will look nor to fill the space with state-of-the-art equipment. Instead, the DNA of ‘adaptability’ is embedded into spatial elements as a response to future uncertainties. Mobility features have been incorporated into all furniture and equipment, and essential infrastructure, such as lighting and power outlets, can adapt to changing spatial needs. Learning tables can be combined and expanded to accommodate individual workers or different types of teams, studios and even community-scale contexts. The long-span desk space behind the room will encourage students to come together and share knowledge through hands-on makings.

I hope the space will be a new incubator of ideas that is continuously filled by HYU students. Interaction, knowledge exchange and communication will interplay with one another within the space, celebrating the core attributes of the PBL learning programme.