Table CH01

Hardwood Dining Table
Daegu, S.Korea
Client : Lee Family
Maker : Handcrafted by Woody Gallery, Seong gye Lee, S.Korea
Material : Korean zekova, Birch plywood, Whitewash finished
Dimensions : 2600 x 950 x 750
Order : Contact to us

The CH range table is made entirely from a local timber species called Korean Zekova, which is grown, dried, and manufactured within Daegu, a province in South Korea.
The entire design process, from inception to production, is carbon negative, resulting in a net reduction of carbon emissions. The material used in the table stores more CO2 throughout its life than the amount emitted during manufacturing, including material delivery, CNC milling, and actual use. This achievement is made possible by minimizing the overall complexity of the table's appearance and incorporating a novel topological interlocking system.
The approach aims to demonstrate a carbon performance-driven manufacturing process that transforms carbon-stored materials into furniture with a positive climate impact.
This CH01 is the first long-span table series designed by us that brings together aesthetics, sustainability, functionality, and fine craftsmanship. The versatile large-sized table is intended to provide a communal space for meals, activities, and gatherings.