Table CH01

Hardwood Dining Table
Daegu, S.Korea
Client : Lee Family
Maker : Handcrafted by Woody Gallery, Seong gye Lee, S.Korea
Material : Korean zekova, Birch plywood, Whitewash finished
Dimensions : 2600 x 950 x 750
Order : Contact to us

This is a first family table series that brings together aesthetic, functionality, craftsmanship.
The versatiable piece of large sized table intended to provide a communal space for meals, activities, and gatherings. The table is made of high-quality Korean local wood, carefully selected and crafted to ensure durability, beauty, and sustainability.
The table's surface pattern is inspired by the client family's one of the most favoured table menu Mackerel and story behind, creating a sense of connection and intimacy. It is a testament to the designer's work, collaboration with recognised local wood maker, Seong gye Lee, and it is sure to become a cherished part of Lee family's home.