Mutual Heterogeneity

Dong-jak station, Seoul, S.Korea
Hybridized Lerning Station
Site area : 27,800m2
BS Hanyang University, Interior Architecture
Collaborators : Jeongwoo Lee, Hyojin Kwon
Tutors : Soon-gak Jang(Jay is Working)
Awards : 27th SPACE prize/selected work, Architeprix 2011/selected work
Publication : SPACE Nov 2009, Archiprix 2011

The project, titled ‘Mutual Heterogeneity’, initiated utilising the city of Seoul, as the mapping subject. We looked at the disorder and segmentation evident in the city and also realized how the features that were originally constructed for the purposes of increasing the flow and order of the city were in fact disruptive and posed as obstacles. Throughout the project, we focused on the creation of a new open area on the site of the Dong-jak station which showed the presence of the most intertwined infrastructure as per the mapping experiment.
One of the core features of the programs is defined as ‘Link Grounds’ and ‘Learning Nodes’ which promoted involuntary meeting and flow of people, while sounding out the possibility of proactive communication.
The project was noted in the best graduate work in the School of architectural disciplines in 2010 at Hanyang University and invited to participate in the Archiprix USA exhibition in the same year. The project also went on to the Space Prize for International Students of Architecture Design exhibition under the theme ‘From Form to Unlimited Form’.  Among more than 700 architect graduates participating, the project received the honourable mention award.