Micro Climate Interface

Hackney wick , London,UK
Site area : 8,327 m2
MA Royal College of Art 2012/2013
Architecture CPD Journal_Construction by Microbial Metabolism
Tutors : Chris.procter, Jon Goodbun, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui and Justin Lau
Awards : Honorable mention, ISARCH Awards 2012 RIBA PWLAS Award Shortlisted Exhibition : Inspiring Matter Conference, London, 2012

Changyeob and Maker Won team up to build a prototype of microclimate controller. Testing new ways of climate control, the project is intended to demonstrate one of the critical features of 'growing architecture' as material production - challenges traditional notions of architectural production from 'build', consuming the finite resource to 'grow' as new spontaneous ecology. This machine is deployed in 'urban petri dish' program to continuously optimize the certain environment to promote good micro-organism as material producer. The project has been displayed during 2 days inspiring matter conference, innovative encounters between science, art and design.