TDW2010 Installation

Installation work at Tokyo Designer’s Week 2010
Winning International Competition
Site area : 1 Shipping Container, 2.5m x 6m x 2.4m
Budget : 300000 JPY
Team : Hyojin Kwon(POPULOUS), Taeho Kim(AA), Christina Na-heon Cho(COX Architects)
Publication : Wallpaper, SPACE

This is an winning project of International Competition to design and construct a Shipping Container Installation for 2010 Tokyo Designer’s Week. The opportunity was commissioned by Dezeen and Design Association under the theme of 'Environment'. Our agenda is finding a new approach to arouse people's attention during the event that our resource and material system is not infinite. The team try to build temporary ‘utopian ambient’ using ordinary waste material such as the vinyl bag, plastic, paper, and steel wire. In the container, contradictory human behaviour had been encouraged by a matter of satirical and humorous way - showing a pleasant reaction under a superficially fantastic ambient, but genuinely a municipal waste world.

TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK/29 Oct – 03 Nov 2010