Table CH02

Hardwood Dining Table
Yongin, S.Korea
Maker : Oak Wood Studio, S.Korea
Material : American Walnut, Veneer, Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Dimensions : 2300 x 950 x 750
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The CH02 Table is a piece of craft that combines form and function in a simplistic design with the celebration of raw materials, and the craftsmanship is allowed to shine through. The table is made of high-quality american walnut, carefully selected and crafted to ensure durability, beauty, and sustainability.
The brief required to design a wooden table embrace uniqueness beyond standard wooden table but still shows timeless looking. As a response, the design intended to twist a norm of wood lamination method, defined as a L shaped grid that applied crossing table top to leg. The table top was laminated with solid wood, with slim veneer insert that adds visual interest to the overall look of the table.
Making the furniture like one fully integrated live matter incorporating different materials was the biggest design challenge.